Laughter is the best medicine. That’s why I’m a terrible doctor.

Hi, my name is Dr. P

Because I’m Asian I was forced by my parents to become a doctor.

After I got my MD, I quickly realized that I needed to make a meaningful impact on the world.

But since my application to law school was rejected, I’ve decided to do comedy.

Stan Lee signed my underwear

Stan Lee signed my underwear

My humour is based on occupations – doctors, lawyers, nurses, programmers, teachers, wait staff, any job. 

I tend to do clean humour without explicit vulgarity – each show is tailored to the audience, and I try to learn as much about the profession I’ll be performing for to make a custom show that is thoughtful, engaging, and relevant.

If I have time, I’ll be funny too.


On this site you’ll find some videos for a quick preview of my range: from my specialty (medical humour), to other professions and jobs, as well as some dirty one liners, to keep people awake between the math jokes.

If you’re looking to book me for your event, conference, or, I dunno, karate tournament, I’d be happy to audition. 


PS: I would seriously take that karate tournament job.