Who is Dr. P O O N?

Dr. P O O N was born in a small rural Canadian village called Regina, Saskatchewan.

Because there was no Starbucks there until the year 2001, he was forced to find inspiration inside himself to find dreams and aspirations.

However, fate had another story for him.

He was dealt the hardest of hands.
His parents were doctors.

They were Asian.

He was Asian.

He was the first born.


Not beautiful.

And thus his life as a doctor began.

Kids are vicious hellions.

Kids are vicious hellions.

I’m currently working on a number of projects. I’m completing my residency. I ahave  startup online business and I do some acting and have been a medical consultant for television.

If you are ever walking around Toronto and see a giant Winnie the Pooh, please don’t kick him – I’m also a licensed street performer.

Also I’m fat. Asian fat, North American normal.

Thanks for reading!
– Dr P
I don’t use my real name to keep my medical and comedy lives as separate as possible.